Welcome to our trial lesson! what will we do today?

Further lessons description.

How are the lessons organized?

A short trial lesson.

My name __ Charlie!

What is an interactive classroom?

an interactive platform with lessons following a syllabus

you can draw with different colours

you can type

watch videos and listen to audios together with your teacher

encouragement system: stars and character

What is an interactive classroom?

How do homeworks look like?

What is Speaking Club?

Student's achievements and diplomas


I am Charlie!

Talk to your teacher

Let's talk


Listen and repeat




Mime game

l.o.l. pets


Show your L.O.L.

Watch and say what animals you can see

L.O.L. Pets video

Listen, repeat and clap

let's count

Clapping game

Watch again and count

Count your toys

Colour the animal you like

Let's colour

Next time we will:

sing a cool new song

Did you like the lesson?

meet Charlie's friends!

play super-fun games!

learn a few more English words!

Recommendations on the syllabus

recommendations on the syllabus

wishes for learning

choosing the time for lessons

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